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​Labour & Birth

Understanding there is no one-size-fits-all approach to labour and birth, Baby Basics strives to provide future parents with a balanced discussion of topics related to labour and birth.  The first 3-hour class covers labour and birth including stages of labour, types of birth, interventions in labour, comfort measures for labour and pain relief options.  Future parents will be informed and prepared to allow them to make choices that work for them and experience their best birth.  

Information provided is evidence-based where possible.  Additional sources include clinical experience, on-going research, community standards and obstetrical guidelines such as those published by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. 

​Recovery & Baby

The post-birth experience is wonderful but not without its challenges.  Recognizing the magnitude of the transition and the difficulty accessing accurate, unbiased information, Baby Basics strives to prepare future parents for what the first weeks with baby might bring.  Discussion of practical topics such as bathing, dressing and diaper care occur alongside an exploration of how the arrival of a new baby impacts sleep, emotions and relationships. 


Information for these post-birth topics is drawn from clinical experience and on-going research, supplemented with evidence-based guidelines.   


Successful breastfeeding begins with accurate information that positively supports breastfeeding parents. Through a combination of discussion and videos, Baby Basics introduces future parents to information essential to a successful breastfeeding experience.